3 Reasons Craft Coffee Makes For A Meaningful Corporate Gift

Coffee Christmas Gifts

Thriving in the corporate world is about building relationships—and a great way to keep those relationships alive is to use corporate gifts. They’re fun to give, fun to receive, and they keep your brand in the minds of other businesses.

We’re going to show you why craft coffee beans (small batch, roasted to order) are a great gift you should look for when you’re putting together your next corporate gift box.

Who Doesn’t Love Coffee?

The coffee market in the United States is bigger than ever, with 64% of Americans drinking at least one mug each day. And when you consider some of the health benefits being uncovered, along with the upward quality trend over the last few years, it’s no wonder why.

Coffee is getting tastier, its health advantages are becoming clearer, and people are falling more in love with specialty roasters. 

Compared to that jar of jam that’s been in the cabinet for months now, coffee beans make for a corporate gift that people will actually love and use.

It’s A Chance To Show You Can Identify Quality Over Cost.

But here’s where so many corporate gifts go wrong: people send coffee that looks good but doesn’t taste good. And what kind image does that portray about your brand if you fall for shiny packaging but end up with a low-quality product?

And trust us—they’ll know if the coffee’s not actually good. In 2017, over 41% of those daily coffee drinkers were drinking specialty coffee and 62% say they choose their beans specifically for the flavor—which means that, generally, people can easily tell ‘meh’ coffee from craft roasted coffee.

Instead of going with a nice-looking coffee seller you’ve never heard of (or worse, from a dedicated corporate gifts company), find coffee that’s been sourced by quality-forward farms and roasted by a specialty coffee roaster.

Gifting specialty coffee beans can go the extra mile, and communicate your belief in delivering quality. It reveals you can tell the quality from the cheap and demonstrates that you value your relationship with the recipient.

Skip the gifts they’ll soon forget. Find the ones they won’t be able to stop talking about.

The Quality/Cost Ratio Is Incredible

Many times, to truly get the quality product you have to be willing to spend a lot more than you would for a mediocre product. But this isn’t the case for coffee.

The difference between stale, low-grade beans and freshly roasted, specialty-grade beans is often just a couple dollars per bag when you buy from a roaster. Sure, those couple dollars add up over time—but we’re talking about a dramatic jump in quality.

But here’s the funny part: businesses dedicated to corporate giving likely charge you more for low-grade beans than coffee roasters do for specialty-grade beans.

So you really have three options:

  1. Buy obviously cheap, low-grade beans from a roaster
  2. Buy expensive, low-grade beans from a corporate gifting website
  3. Buy mid-cost, specialty-grade beans from a specialty roaster

If you’re looking for a great way to give a quality gift that’ll impress your partners, specialty coffee’s one of the most affordable ways to do so (if not the most affordable).

The Easy Way To Gift Specialty Coffee Beans

Buying stellar coffee direct from a roaster shouldn’t be hard, no matter who the beans are for. That’s why we’ve developed a corporate giving program that’s efficient, professionally designed, and cost-effective.

Gifts For Any Budget

Big or small, we’d love to help you impress with a corporate gift. We’re happy to offer plans tailored specifically for smaller businesses.

Direct Shipping

We’re capable of satisfying a wide variety of shipping requests, whether you want the gift boxes sent directly to your list or shipped to your office first.

Branded Packaging

Display your brand logo, a custom description, or special message directly on the coffee packaging for an experience tailored specifically to each recipient.

Specialty Coffees They’ll Love

We pride ourselves on sourcing and roasting some of the best coffees in the world, all freshly roasted-to-order, full of complex flavor, and with enough diversity to satisfy any taste.

Let’s make your next corporate gift a Holiday favorite.

Learn more about our Corporate Gifts, or give us a call at 800-561-6827 for more information.

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