Driven Coffee’s Guide to Corporate Coffee Gifts

Corporate GiftsThe Perfect Boost for Clients and Employees

We get it: thanks to the internet, you’ve got a million options for corporate gifts. But what about giving a gift that your clients, partners, or employees will actually use and really enjoy?

Why Coffee as a Gift?

There’s no denying that the vast majority of Americans start the daily grind with coffee’s comforting, earthy aroma and its quick caffeine pick-me-up. Doesn’t matter if they are an employee, client, or a CEO, coffee plays high notes in their daily routine, from start to finish.

But even a good routine gets stale if you don’t mix things up a bit. That’s why receiving a gift of freshly roasted coffee can take someone’s day from ordinary to exceptional. And your recipient will feel that boost again and again with each freshly-brewed cup.

Not that you likely need more convincing, but taste isn’t the only reason artisan roasted coffee should fill your gift list:

  • Craft roasted coffee is consumable and sustainable. Coffee isn’t another tchotchke or gadget taking up space on an office shelf (or, eventually, gracing a landfill). A coffee-based corporate gift delivers your feelings of appreciation without burdening your giftee with yet another dust collector.
  • Your purchase supports local artisans instead of mass production. Buying corporate coffee gifts made by local roasters sends the unspoken message to your giftee that you truly care about the economy right where you live (and not how cheaply you sourced their gift).
  • Specialty coffee is personal; even on the busiest, most distracting day, each cup of specialty coffee is fully experienced by the senses. Want to deliver a gesture of gratitude that your recipient will literally feel over and over? Give them the best coffee experience out there!

Driven Coffee partners with sustainability-minded coffee farms and cooperatives across the globe to source the highest-quality green coffees. We carefully roast our selections by hand in small batches at our Minnesota roastery and ship each bag of coffee within 48 hours of roasting to maintain maximum quality.

Our corporate gift boxes get that very same VIP treatment with a fast turnaround time between the start of our roasting process and your gift order’s shipment.

Heads up, we’re not going to be modest here; we think Driven has the best corporate coffee gift giving experience in the bag. Pun intended.

Here’s our process:

  1. Choose your gift box. We have a coffee gift option for any tastes and budget.
  2. Contact us. We’ll set you up with a dedicated account rep who will manage your order from start to finish.
  3. Cross it off your to-do list; you’re done! We’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s walk through Driven’s corporate gift box options:

Driven Coffee Corporate Gifts Program

Driven Coffee’s Specialty Boxes

Our corporate gift boxes come with a variety of products and price ranges. From a straightforward box of two artisan roasted, single origin coffees to an all-in-one coffee brewing experience, we’ve got a solution that will fit both your recipient’s tastes and your gifting budget.

Simply the Best

Keeping it basic is a solid gifting strategy, and our Simply the Best gift box is basic in the classiest way. This box includes two single origin coffees, both selected by hand and carefully roasted to bring each bean to its highest flavor potential. Simply the Best directs your recipient to focus on your gratitude through Driven’s best specialty coffee experience.

The Sweetest

We love coffee all on its own, but you can take a corporate gift basket to the next level by adding in decadent gourmet snacks.

The Sweetest is a combination box of one of our most popular dessert flavored coffees, our famously creamy Premium Hot Cocoa, and snacky add-ins including handmade gourmet popcorn that’s sure to satisfy even the most discriminating sweet tooth. A great all-around gift for lighting up someone’s day!

Beyond Thankful

Beyond Thankful

Shower your recipient with a full selection of Driven’s best small batch roasted coffee, our decadent Premium Hot Cocoa mix, and one of our delectable tea blends in this ultimate gourmet coffee gift box. Great for office gifts or for valued clients and professional contacts. The Beyond Thankful box is a truly abundant way to create heartfelt connections and foster a spirit of gratefulness between you and your recipients!

Home Brew

The top-tier gift you can give a coffee lover is the chance to elevate their own home or office coffee brewing experience. With our Home Brew corporate gift box, you can give your recipient two of our very best specialty coffees and the tools to take their own coffee game to a new level.

The aesthetically pleasing Chemex pour-over coffee maker is a powerful tool for extracting the full and complex flavor of our top-selling coffees. Along with the Chemex, we include sustainably-sourced Chemex coffee filters and an Escali glass digital scale so your recipient can get brewing almost as soon as they open the box.

Build Your Own: Coffee and Combo Box

Want a custom corporate gift? Work with our dedicated corporate gift reps to select your favorite Driven Coffee gift box options within your budget range and taste preferences. From our selection of artisan roasted coffees to our craft teas and honey sticks, you can custom tailor your gift to say thanks or show appreciation in dozens of different ways.

Can’t Decide? Let Your Recipient Choose!

A Driven Coffee Gift Card is the ultimate way to hand over the reins of gifting to your recipient.

We get it; some people have very strong opinions about their daily brew (we’re guilty). Give the gift of choice by letting your recipient choose their own gift from our full selection of artisan coffees, syrups, teas, and snacks.

Brand Customization with Driven Coffee

Giving someone the gift of coffee roasted to perfection feels great, but being appreciated as the one who gave that coffee is even better.

Keep your corporate gift on-brand with a customized note in each gift order. We can include your name and logo with a brief message that you can use to express your appreciation. Your brand presence will be front and center when your recipient opens their gift box and gets that first whiff of fragrant roasted coffee.

Select Your Gift and We’ll Take Care of the Rest

We take a hands-on approach to your coffee corporate gifts by assigning your gift purchase directly to one of our dedicated reps. Your corporate gifting specialist will work with you one-on-one to put together an artfully curated gift for any occasion and budget.

Driven handles all the details of packaging and shipping your gift so you won’t have to worry about it being on-time and in the right hands. It’s our job to present top-tier quality coffee and get the freshest roasts imaginable to your recipient, so we maintain a fast turnaround time and an eye for beautifully packaged goods.

We want your end-to-end corporate gifting experience, from your gift ideas to your recipient’s gift unboxing, to leave you satisfied and your recipient feeling valued and appreciated.

Thanks for checking out Driven’s corporate gift box options! We can’t wait to help you check this year’s corporate gifts off the to-do list.

Get it done and do it well. Contact us today to get started on your corporate gift order!

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