Basics of Coffee – Part 1 – Who We Are

Helping People Experience Better Coffee

Speciality Coffee Consumption Infographic
U.S. Specialty Coffee Consumption Report – National Coffee Association Annual Drinking Trends Study

Specialty Coffee is exploding in popularity both in the United States and around the world. We are in the midst of a craft movement similar to what beer has been enjoying for the past 25 years. People are educating themselves about what they are consuming and seeking out better products, information and traceability than was offered by the mass-produced coffees of years past.

In an attempt to establish a baseline of information for coffee beginners and veterans we are creating a blog series entitled The Basics of Coffee that will cover a broad range of topics. Before we dive into the specifics, I think it’s important to know a bit about who we are and why we would do this.

Driven Coffee is a craft roaster with a focus on helping people experience better coffee. We accomplish this by introducing people to great coffees, teaching them how to brew better, and giving them the product and industry information to make informed coffee decisions.

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Coffee Roast Levels

coffee roast levels

Whether you are a coffee fanatic like us, a home roaster, or entirely new to coffee you have probably heard some the most common coffee roast levels descriptions. Today, I want to dive into the roasting process for coffee, specifically the roast profiles and descriptors that are most commonly used by coffee roasters. At Driven, we use some of these descriptions such as Light, Medium, Dark, French, and Italian so our customers better understand our products. But what exactly does this mean you may ask? What are coffee Roast Levels?

Below I have outlined a chart with the “Roast Level Description” and the associated Temperature the green coffee beans are roasted to. For example, a light roast coffee is usually roasted to a temperature around 415 degrees. Whereas Italian would be roasted to a scorching 474 degrees, give or take a few. This chart can be helpful for home roasting experimentation, or to better understand what roast level you prefer. You would be amazed at how much the taste can change by adjusting your roast time and or temp by the slightest of margins.

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Coffee Extraction Explained

coffee extraction

Lately, we have been cupping a lot of coffees at Driven with our new Clever Dripper. It occurred to us, why not share some of the more in depth knowledge behind the chemistry of coffee extraction with our readers. We brushed up on our knowledge and we were surprised at some of the interesting facts we learned, it was like high school chemistry all over again. For those of you that struggled in chemistry, like many of us did, we will try to simplify as much as possible.

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Driven Coffee Fundraiser

Driven Coffee is a social enterprise that focuses on partnerships with organizations such as yours, to provide a superior fundraising campaign. Through sales of our specialty grade coffee and finely crafted snacks, all roasted and sourced locally, we provide an opportunity for our partner organizations to raise over a 40% profit! By combining the traditional campaign based fundraiser with our unique online platform, our Partners have the ability to generate residual donations throughout the year. A Driven Coffee Fundraiser makes a great fundraising idea!

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Coffee Bean Storage Tips

coffee bean storage

At Driven Coffee we have two main focuses. First and foremost we are a coffee company that prides ourselves on high quality FRESH roasted coffee delivered to you within days of the roast. Secondly, we aspire to make a difference in the world by giving back any way we can. Below are a few coffee bean storage tips from us on how to ensure the highest quality in every cup.

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