Voyager Snacks

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Voyager Snacks Popcorn & Trail Mixes

Driven Coffee is now selling Voyager Snacks! Voyager Snacks are made locally, handcrafted in Shakopee, Minnesota, by combining premium ingredients in old-fashioned fire mixers.

Voyager Snacks Popcorn: Each popcorn product is handcrafted in an old-fashioned copper kettle. Premium ingredients are mixed together to create delicious gourmet caramel and cheddar popcorns.

Voyager Snacks Trail Mixes: Enjoy this handcrafted trail mix lineup with a variety of flavors and premium ingredients. From the classic GORP blend to heart-healthy nut mixes, sweet and savory blends, and fun and fruity combos—the Voyager Snack lineup has something for everyone!

Voyager Snacks make a great pairing with your Driven Coffee, whether you're looking for something sweet, salty, or savory. Try some today!