Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis – Now Serving Driven Coffee!


Erin & Greg - Orchestra Hall Minneapolis
Erin & Greg – Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN

I first met with Greg, the Manager of Concerts, Enhancements and Concessions at Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis, this summer. He was passionate about focusing on three main goals for this upcoming season:

  • to partner with and support local businesses
  • to reduce Orchestra Hall’s carbon footprint
  • to constantly improve the guest’s experiences

Supporting Local Businesses in Minneapolis

Driven Coffee was immediately a great fit for the first goal – supporting local businesses – as our roasting facility is only about 25 minutes away from Orchestra Hall (Minneapolis) in the West suburb of Chaska, MN. Additionally, we work with one of the top specially coffee importers in the country to source and import our beans, who is also locally based in Minneapolis.

Since Driven Coffee is located so close it is wonderful to be able to provide Orchestra Hall with great personalized customer service. We love creating great relationships with all our wholesale customers.

Reducing Orchestra Hall’s Carbon Footprint

Driven Coffee - Orchestra Hall Minneapolis
Matt, Erin & Megan at Orchestra Hall

To accomplish the second goal of reducing Orchestra Hall’s carbon footprint, Driven Coffee designed and sponsored a portion of the 100% compostable coffee cups for the entire 2017–2018 season. As of September 2017, guests of Orchestra Hall have been enjoying Driven Coffee’s French Roast or Columbian Decaf served in these eco-friendly cups. Having both the coffee and the cups delivered together by a local company is also a small but important feature of reducing the negative effects of longer range deliveries.

The OH+ Experience

OH+ is Orchestra Hall’s name for the array of pre- and post-concert experiences in the lobby, the Target Atrium and beyond, which is a huge part of how Greg focuses on the third goal – improving the guest experience.

I am continually impressed with the attention to detail that is put into each and every event hosted by Orchestra Hall. Greg has shared stories of booby traps set up in the lobby to encourage a fun and playful atmosphere while the orchestra accompanies the holiday classic Home Alone, and beautiful art exhibits that enhance specific concerts. The Driven Coffee team has partnered with Greg to develop this goal by providing Orchestra Hall with fresh roasted, gourmet coffee.

Driven French Roast and Columbian Decaf coffee is served at all events but will be specifically featured at the Coffee Concerts, where guests will enjoy delicious complimentary coffee and donuts before all Thursday 11am and Sunday 2pm Classical concerts. It is our goal to see you #ExperienceBetterCoffee as we add to the wonderful experience at these events!

Experiencing Better Office Coffee

Greg and all the wonderful folks at Orchestra Hall don’t just serve Driven Coffee to guests, they also enjoy Driven Coffee in their offices to help keep them going as they work hard to create and plan for the upcoming events, concerts, and performances. The feedback on Driven Coffee has been outstanding!

Orchestra Hall – Upcoming Season

This season is packed with amazing performances and is sure to include many extra surprises as well. After experiencing the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark with the orchestra playing the score and the Reformation Symphony Conducted by Vänskä, I have a new appreciation for how Orchestra Hall is reaching out to touch so many different audiences and bring the community together.

There are still so many must-see performances this season: from George Winston on the piano, to screenings of movies while the orchestra plays the score (La La Land and the Chamber of Secrets), to amazing vocal performances by Leslie Odom Jr, of Hamilton fame, and concerts that are geared specifically towards my elementary aged kiddos. Check out the full calendar for yourself and purchase tickets here.


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