How Your Corporate Gift Impacts Customer Relationships

Corporate Gifts Driven Coffee

How Your Corporate Gift Impacts Customer Relationships
…and how you can do gifting better with corporate gifts from Driven Coffee!

Corporate gifting is a long-respected practice that improves your relationships with existing clients, generates new leads, and helps you retain customers and increase their loyalty to your brand.

However, the type of gift you give and the occasions for giving it matters. For better or worse, every gift you give is a commentary on your connection to your recipient.

Do you see them as motivated, professional, discerning, creative, or reliable? Your gift and the way you give it should reflect what you believe about your relationship with your clients and customers.

But when should you give a corporate gift to show a client that their business connection with you matters? How can your corporate gift make a lasting impact on your business relationships?

To help you cultivate your gifting connection to your clients and customers, we’d like to present you with Driven Coffee’s four Cs of Corporate Gifting: Celebrate, Congratulate, Commemorate, and (obviously, because we’re coffee people) Caffeinate!

Celebrate the Good Things

Celebrate Corporate Gifts
A gift from Driven Coffee helps make celebrations and achievements more memorable.

Christmas isn’t the only good time to send corporate gifts. Making a big deal out of the big and little things in your business relationships lets your clients and customers know that you see past the business transaction to the people you work with.

Whether you’re:

  • celebrating the start of a new client relationship
  • thanking a customer for a large order
  • spreading holiday cheer
  • or just looking for a way to show a client they’ve been on your mind

…go that extra mile and personalize! A personal message to your recipient lets them know that you really, truly thought of them when you chose their gift.

No matter the occasion, at Driven we include your message and/or company logo in each of our gift packages to wow your customers and celebrate your connection through every stage of receiving and opening up your gift.

Congratulate Success

Letting your clients and customers know that you see their success as worthy of recognition can have a huge impact on their perception of your company’s attitude towards them. Congratulatory gifts help foster a connection of respect towards your recipients and their achievements.

When you congratulate someone on their successes, you want them to remember who it was that acknowledged their achievements (in advertising, we call this keeping someone top-of-mind). Here’s where a branded company gift speaks volumes by saying “we see what you’ve done, and the whole brand is here to cheer for you!”

Driven’s corporate gift packages include a personal note from you with your company logo in each package, putting your company right in front of your clients and customers as they unbox their gift of specialty coffee.

Commemorate Milestones

While successes tend to be more individual, commemoration is a mutual celebration. Commemorating your relationship with your clients and customers is a great way to acknowledge:

  • Company, client, or customer birthdays or business anniversaries
  • Years you’ve been doing business together
  • Significant events in their calendar (like the opening of a new facility)

Always commemorate with quality to show your respect for your business partners and how far you’ve come together.

Professionally packaged, useful, and promptly delivered gifts help you commemorate with care. Driven is dedicated to all three, and we want to help you deliver the best gift experience possible as you commemorate significant events in the lives of your customers and clients.

Caffeinate: Keep Going!

Here’s where we can partner with you to deliver the impact that only a superb cup of coffee can. Remember, underneath that client/customer label is a person. What’s more personal than being an actual part of their workday caffeine routine?

When you give a corporate gift, you want to convey a message to your customers and clients; both that they are worthy of recognition and that you value the relationship. That’s why we at Driven Coffee put the highest quality, most meticulously craft-roasted coffee products in our corporate gift boxes.

From our professional packaging to that fresh coffee-shop aroma that greets your recipient when they open up your gift, our products are crafted to impact all your customer’s senses before they even get to that first, fresh-brewed cup.

Why Choose Your Corporate Gifts From Driven?

Build Your Own Combo
Corporate gift product options from Driven Coffee Roasters.

Just like we take great care in selecting only the best beans for our roasts, you should carefully consider each corporate gift for your clients.

However, the rest of the details shouldn’t be a hassle. We make it easy to choose and personalize your gift based on budget, branding, and delivery options.

Going beyond our dedication to great coffee, here’s where we come in:

Showcase Your Branding

We take pride in our brand through every facet of our business, from sourcing to craft-roasting to packaging, but when you give our product as a corporate gift, we aren’t the star; you are! Make it memorable and professional by adding a message and your branding on a note card in each gift.

We know presentation matters, and we carefully and thoughtfully package each box to showcase the gifts you send to their best advantage.

Send a Personal Message

Make sure you take full advantage of your corporate gift by letting your recipient(s) know, in your own words, how much they mean to your business and how awesome they are!

Like we said earlier, if you want to have the most impact possible, personalize. Our corporate gifting options include a customizable message with or without your company logo included.

Select the Best Gift for Your Budget

Variety is the spice of life, and we have gift options to fit every budget. From a selection of high-quality, fresh-roasted coffee blends to corporate gift boxes with all the home brewing options, there’s a Driven Coffee gift for each budget level.

But don’t let all these great choices overwhelm you. Contact us through the Corporate gifts page and we’ll help you choose your gifts based on your budgeting needs and gift preferences.

Ship It, No-Hassle

We take care of all the tedious packing, shipping, and delivery deadlines for you. Let us do all the legwork so you can free up time to make the rest of your schedule more productive — perhaps with a cup of top-notch, craft-roasted coffee in hand (hey, you’re worth celebrating, too!).

Coffee Roasting Gifts
Driven Coffee fresh roasts our coffee daily.

Choose Driven for Your Gifting Needs

Like you, we’re dedicated to our customers; our relationship with you matters!

From accurately meeting your corporate gifting needs to professionally handling the details in packaging, branding, and shipping, we at Driven Coffee put all our efforts into showing your customers that you care and want to see them succeed, too.

Check out our Corporate Gifts page or give us a call to get started!

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