Driven Coffee Fundraiser

Driven Coffee is a social enterprise that focuses on partnerships with organizations such as yours, to provide a superior fundraising campaign. Through sales of our specialty grade coffee and finely crafted snacks, all roasted and sourced locally, we provide an opportunity for our partner organizations to raise over a 40% profit! By combining the traditional campaign based fundraiser with our unique online platform, our Partners have the ability to generate residual donations throughout the year. A Driven Coffee Fundraiser makes a great fundraising idea!

Driven Coffee Fundraiser Platform

TRADITIONAL CAMPAIGN – Your organization uses our marketing materials and catalogs to sell the finest chocolates and specialty grade coffees available at an average of over 40% profit. Participants sell the products for a defined period of time in an effort to reach and exceed your established goals. We help you boost sales by creating a custom email blast, with a digital catalog, to reach a wider audience of friends and family.

TRADITIONAL CAMPAIGN CONCLUSION– Your organization collects the order forms and money from participants and sends the information to us. Within 2 weeks of us obtaining the order forms you will receive your product for distribution.

ONGOING WEB CAMPAIGN – Throughout the traditional campaign and beyond, your organization will be highlighted on as a featured Partner. In addition, 10% OF ALL ONLINE SALES from customers who select your name from the drop down menu in our checkout process will be donated to your cause. Congratulations, you have just established a residual stream of donations!

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how our unique fundraising program can benefit your organization. Please visit our “contact us” page and leave your information if you are interested in participating in a Driven Coffee fundraiser.