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Groups of any age have found success with a Driven Coffee fundraiser, from preschools to adults! Reach your goals by connecting with those around you!

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Great Service!

Thanks for all your hard work to make our fundraiser a success. … I love working with you and your custom labels and products are great!

Jackie - Dance Studio Owner / Top of the Stairs, North Dakota


WOW! We already have coffee in hand. Thank you so much for working with us! … I hope to work with you again sometime next year!

Kali - Band Director / Waukesha West High School, Wisconsin


The coffee is 🤯🤯🔥🔥. Heaven in a cup….

Sara - Troop Leader / American Heritage Girls, Pennsylvania

In-Person Fundraising is easy!

Follow these 4 steps to your group’s fundraising success.

  1. Fill out a fundraising request and our Fundraising Specialists will connect with you to get started!
  2. Prepare for your fundraiser by setting goals as you wait for your brochures to arrive in the mail.
  1. Kick off your fundraiser
  2. Build excitement with your team to increase sales
  3. Collect brochures and payment from your participants
  1. 1. Complete the Fulfillment Spreadsheet emailed to you by your Fundraising Specialist and send it back via email.
  2. Orders are shipped 2 weeks after a complete submission.
  3. Pay your invoice by Credit Card, Check, or ACH payment and keep your profit.
  1. Your orders will come to you separated by participant, making distribution a breeze!  
  2. Your work is done. Enjoy your delicious products and your group’s success!

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