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Driven Coffee rooting for you and your girls this upcoming season!

Our Unique Fundraising Highlights

  No startup fees or minimum orders

  Custom color labels with your name and logo

  Premium product roasted fresh for each fundraiser

  40% profit margins for traditional fundraisers

  Delivered within 3 weeks + free shipping over 150 items

  Dedicated fundraising specialist

 Product can be stored at room temperature

  Product separated per participant

We Offer Both Traditional & Online Fundraising Options

Traditional Fundraising Program

With this fundraising program, participants use our convenient brochures to sell Driven Coffees, Loose Leaf Tea, Gourmet Snacks, K-Cups, and Driven Hot Cocoa Mix to friends, family, and neighbors for huge profits!

  • Let us know how many participants you have (sales brochures will be sent directly to you – free of charge!)
  • Distribute forms and kick off fundraiser (typically fundraisers will run for about two weeks)
  • Collect all order forms and payment from participants
  • Tally the orders and send Driven payment for coffee and gourmet snacks, you keep the profit!
  • We roast your orders fresh, separate per participant, and ship to your organization for distribution (Free shipping on orders of 150 items or more!) You will receive your shipment in 3-weeks or less!
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Online Fundraising Program

Our unique online fundraising platform is perfect for groups that do not want participants selling products door to door, or for groups looking for a broader reach to non-local friends and family. Online fundraising can be combined with the Traditional Fundraising Program as well!

  • Determine when the fundraising campaign will take place (we recommend 2 weeks)
  • We create a unique link for your group which will automatically track orders when your supporters shop our fundraising website
  • Participants email friends and family about the coffee fundraiser (we’ll even help with a template!)
  • Customers purchase coffee online; we roast it fresh, and ship it directly to them.
  • At the end of the fundraiser we tally your sales and send you a check for 30% of the sales! — It’s that easy!
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“Our Driven Coffee Fundraiser was great!”

Kelly Barger

AHG Troop OH0148

“The coffee is 🤯🤯🔥🔥.Heaven in a cup….”

Sara Staker

AHG Troop PA3745

“The fundraiser was great!
Everyone has distributed their orders and it was so helpful that they were already bagged by the salesperson!
I was expecting to have to do all that by myself.”

Brandi Fishel

AHG Troop AL2345

“We had a great experience with Driven Coffee! Great customer service with quick responses to questions, easy start up process, easy entry of total order, quick delivery…

I would recommend them for your fundraising needs! We had great participation with this fundraiser and ended up making more than our goal!”

Jennifer De Los Santos

AHG Troop KS0281

“From the first communication, the Driven Coffee team was kind and helpful. Order forms were colorful and simple to use. The ordering process was easy and shipping was fast.

Our troop was very happy with the experience we had with Driven Coffee and we would definitely recommend them to any troops, no matter what the financial goals may be.”

Jennifer Willson

AHG Troop LA1504


Fundraising FAQ

A: As soon as you want! Aside from mailing order forms for the traditional fundraiser, you can start right away. (If need be, you could print the order forms if you need to start right away)
A: Yes! Groups have found running both methods simultaneously to be very beneficial.
A: Traditional Fundraiser: 40% profit! $7.20/bag on the $18 beverages and snacks and $4.80/bag on the $12 honey products.

Online Fundraiser: 30% profit on the products ordered through your link!
A: No start up fees, or minimum orders.
A: Just let us know:
  • Start and end date
  • Number of order forms needed (Traditional Fundraiser)
  • Where to ship order forms (Traditional Fundraiser)
  • Group name for link (Online Fundraiser)
  • Participant names (Online Fundraiser, optional)
A: 33 cups of coffee. This can be more or less depending how strong someone likes their coffee (the amount of grounds/water ratio used). We recommend using 2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of filtered water.
A: To design your free custom label with your full color logo & group name please email:
  1. The text you would like to accompany your logo.
  2. The JPG file of the logo you'd like to use (For highest quality, size image to 3"x4" or 900x1200 pixels @ 300dpi)
A: Traditional Fundraiser: If your group is not tax-exempt, tax will be charged according to your state tax laws. Online Fundraiser: Supporter/purchaser will be charged tax to any applicable items dependent on their shipping address.
A: Have all supporters make their checks out to your group, not Driven Coffee.
A: Hold on to the order forms so that you can pass them back out to participants at distribution time. The order form sheets have information that participants will need for delivering the product they ordered.
A: Complete the Fulfillment Spreadsheet at the end of your fundraiser and email it to your Fundraising Specialist.
A: You'll receive the product separated per participant within 3 weeks of submitting your complete order.
A: Traditional Fundraiser: Product will get shipped to your desired location (commercial address preferred). Product is organized into clear plastic bags for each participant (each bag is labeled with participant name) making it easy for the fundraising coordinator to get the product to the correct participant.

Online Fundraiser: Orders are processed as they are received and sent directly to the purchaser’s address.
A: At the end of your fundraiser, your group-specific link will be deactivated, and a sales report will be sent to you. You will receive a check in the mail for your group’s profit.
A: Traditional Fundraiser: Free shipping on orders over 150 products*. Shipping rates will be based on how much it costs to ship through mail carriers. (*We do not provide free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii at this time.)

Online Fundraiser: There is a flat-rate shipping of $7.95 on every order to cover a portion of the shipping costs.
A: Within 2 business days of emailing in the Fulfillment Spreadsheet to your Fundraising Specialist.
A: After receiving the invoice a check can be made out to Driven Coffee and sent to:

Driven Coffee
313 Lake Hazeltine Dr
Chaska, MN 55318

Payments may also be made via Credit Card from a link provided in the invoice.

A: No, our products are made and processed in a facility that contains nuts and are not safe for people with nut allergies.
A: 5 Important Things when completing the Fulfillment Spreadsheet:

  • Fill out the "Sales by Participants" tab.
  • Include only participant totals, not individual customer orders.
  • Email the Fulfillment Spreadsheet in Excel format (not mail or scan) to your Fundraising Specialist to begin fulfillment.
  • Do not fill in the yellow area on the right side of the page, as this section is built out with equations.
  • Be sure to double check Fulfillment Spreadsheet for accuracy prior to emailing in. All orders will be processed as we receive them.
A: We recommend steeping 1 tsp of tea with 8oz of water. If this ratio is used, you will get 18 cups of tea from the 3oz bag of tea.
A: Heat water to boil, place a teaspoon of tea in infuser, steep in mug for 3-5 minutes and enjoy!
A: If the group is crediting per participant, there will be a dropdown at checkout for supporters to select a participant's name. By selecting a participant’s name your order will be credited to that individual.
A: No, we create a link specific to each group. To track participant orders, supporters will select the participant they would like to support from a dropdown at check out if a group is tracking per participant.
A: Traditional Fundraiser: products are sorted per participant and delivered to one location.

Online Fundraiser: products are shipped directly to the customer.
A: Yes! Your fundraising specialist will provide you a login to track the sales.
A: This tea will not have sachets, but we do sell a tea infuser for simple brewing.