How to Make French Press Coffee

We love the French Press because it is an approachable and easy brew method for people with any level of coffee experience. It produces a rich, robust and heavy cup of coffee.

What You Need

  1. French Press – 4 cup
  2. Coffee – 30 grams (5 tbls)
  3. Grinder (or coarse ground coffee)
  4. Kettle- need roughly 610 grams of water
    (200 Grams to heat up the French Press)
  5. Scale
  6. Timer
  7. Spoon or bamboo stir stick
  8. Mug
How to Make French Press Coffee

Brew Steps

Step 1: Heat Water

Place kettle on the scale and tare out (Be sure the unit is set to grams).
Fill kettle with 610 grams of filtered water and begin heating up.

Fill Kettle

Step 2: Grind Coffee

While water is heating, grind coffee to a coarse grind (see image for reference).

Grind Coffee

Step 3: Preheat French Press

Place French Press on scale, remove top, tare out, and pour in 200 grams of heated water.
Install top, lower the plunger, swirl for a few seconds and pour out water.

Preheat Swirl French Press

Step 4: Place ground coffee in French Press

Place French Press on scale, remove top, tare out and pour in 30 grams of coffee.
Gently shake the unit so the coffee is level.  Set the timer to 4 minutes.

Place Ground Coffee

Step 5: Begin Brewing

Tare out scale and begin brewing by pouring in 200 grams of water.
Be sure to try to saturate all grounds. Start the timer.

Begin Brewing

Step 6: Stir

30 seconds into brewing, break crust by pressing through with a spoon or bamboo stick
and stir grounds gently making sure they are fully saturated.


Step 7: Pour in Remaining Water

Add remaining 210 grams of water, place top on and let the magic happen.

Pour Remaining Water Brew Step

Step 8: Plunge

When timer sounds, hold top with one hand and use the other hand to press the plunger all the way down.

French Press Plunge

Step 9: Enjoy!

Spin top so grated opening lines up with pour spout.  Pour and enjoy!

Pour Enjoy

French Press FAQ

My cup is oily, silty, and sludgy, is this normal?

This is completely normal and it is the type of cup this brew method produces. The French Press uses a wire mesh filter that does not remove the oils and fines as well as a paper filter. It is normal to have a little sediment in the bottom of your cup.

Which Coffee Should I Brew on the French Press?

We recommend using medium to dark coffees with the French Press. The full immersion brew produces a heavy and oily cup that brings out the best in darker coffees. Our French Roast, Impact Espresso, or Italian Roast all produce a great cup.

Can I Order my Coffee Ground for a French Press?

We can do that for you! Just specify in your order notes that you would like the coffee ground for a French Press.

Why do we Pre-heat the Kettle?

Pre-heating coffee brewing equipment prevents shocking of the coffee. It also helps to maintain brew temp throughout the process.

What Temperature should I Brew at?

We recommend brewing between 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a kettle, brew about 30 seconds after pulling from a boil.